Amelia Zidane

Belly Girls

Amelia Zidane & The Belly Girls

The “BellyGirls” with its Glamorous, Elegant, Sexy, Classy dancers will illuminate your Events adding a unique flair to Remember..

For events where you want a group show, we can provide a 30 min show with 2 to 12 dancers The BellyGirls (depending on the size of your event & availability of dancers)These performances are usually 7 – 8 songs with different costumes & accessories changes. They can be all belly dancing or an international show to incorporate fusion, themes, dances of the different cultures of your guests (See our list of styles for more details)

For more intimate events we can provide one of our top soloists for a 20-30 min performance. Our solo shows are all belly dance and usually 2-3 costumes. They include audience participation to get you guests up and dancing with our soloist.We can customize this show to fit your event.